Rumah Kambera

Disaster Response

Logistics Needs

Volunteers from Kawan Baik Berbagi Act For NTT put generator engines into trucks for victims of flash floods sent by land in Denpasar, Bali, Thursday (8/4/2021). Logistical assistance in the form of foodstuffs, clothing, baby needs, medicines, kitchen utensils, water filters and generator sets that are the result of fundraising together was brought to Waingapu City, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, because of the lack of assistance for victims of tropical cyclone seroja in the region. Look at the news.

From the data processed and uploaded through the Kambera House disaster response post, logistical assistance in the form of food is distributed since the day of the flash flood on April 4 and continues (last data of distribution may 18, 2021)

Types of Needs that have been channeled:


mineral water


Fried Noodles



cooking oil

Baby Milk


Adult Wearable Clothing

Clothes Worth Wearing Toddlers & Children

Tea Bottle




Bath Soap


Tea Cans

Some villages reported that the area is increasingly difficult to access due to the amblas roads, or landslides, so economic activity is disrupted. People affected by the disaster, some of whom lost their homes, the opportunity to harvest crops to difficulties to meet the basic needs of household consumption.

After the emergency response period is determined to be completed by the government, the distribution of logistics needs continues to run according to the existence of validated demand data. Affected residents can still submit requests to the Post for logistical assistance by including accountable data.