April 10 – Mauliru Food Aid

June 2, 2021

April 10 – Mauliru Food Aid

Distribution Date
Saturday, 10 April 2021

Post of GKS Umamapu, Pertamina Foundation, Dian Sastro Foundation, and HOPE Indonesia


Description of Help
15 packages of groceries

Location Description

Today we have donors from Pertamina Foundation, Dian Sastro Foundation, and HOPE Indonesia. So today we and the donors jumped directly into several places such as public kitchens and places affected by floods and badi seroja to provide assistance. There is also assistance provided in the public kitchen prailiu / Mama Renol and Mama Herlin, namely (20 packages of food, 10 dos of mineral water and 10 packages of masks and handsanitizer). Not only that we are with donors divided in several places such as Kambaniru (15 packages of food), Mauliru (15 packages of food) Kambatatana palindi (15 packages of food) Kaiku mauhau (20 packages of food), mahukabba Christian church (10 packages of food and medicine) and ranu village (18 packages of food, medicines, blankets and masks).