April 12 – Mauliru Drug Help

June 2, 2021

April 12 – Mauliru Drug Help

Distribution Date
Monday, 12 April 2021

GKS Umamapu Post


Description of Help
2 packs of Dextral, 2 packets of amoxilin, 2 packets of ambrosol, 4 packets of cetirizine, 2 packets of diatabs, 20 bottles of betadine, 20 bottles of micomic, 20 bottles of eye drops and 12 packets of Caviplex

Location Description

On this day we do the distribution of medicines in several places in kambera subdistrict, precisely in kambaniru and mauliru. Drugs distributed in the form of (2 packages of Dextral, 2 packages of amoxilin, 2 packs of ambrosol, 4 packages of cetirizine, 2 packages of diatabs, betadine 20 bottles, micomic 20 bottles, eye drops 20 bottles and 12 packages of Caviplex) Not only that, we get donations in the form of goods from Tanto Hotel (Aqua 5 dos, Coffee 2 kg, and tea 5 packs) we also do the distribution of food packages for Mrs. Elisabeth (25 packages of food). After that we distribute 4 dos of mineral water to the common kitchen mama renol prailiu. After that we made preparations for trauma healing activities, site surveys and data collection of some locations affected by flooding and have not received assistance from other volunteer colleagues.