rumah kambera

Disaster Response

Psycho Education / Trauma Healing

Footage of activities with children in Kiritana village, Kambera District, East Sumba, by inviting them to write down stories and experiences in the face of disasters, resulted in several story notes about the fear and sadness of children when they had to leave home, run up the hill and live in temporary shelters.

By playing, telling stories, drawing and playing ball with volunteer friends, a little more can provide entertainment and coolness for children to avoid the impact of post-disaster trauma.

According to Helpguide, intense, confusing, and frightening emotions are natural for children after witnessing natural disasters firsthand. Trauma can indeed arise, either because they are directly experiencing a traumatic event or repeatedly seeing horrific media images after the incident.

  • Trauma in children under the age of 5
    For children under 5 years of age, trauma can cause fear, always wanting to be close to a parent or caregiver, crying, screaming or moaning. Then, children can also become very active, move aimlessly, or not move at all.
  • Trauma in children ages 6–11
    For children aged 6 to 11, the effects of trauma create a loss of interest in friends, family, and fun activities. It also causes nightmares or other sleep problems, becoming irritable, easily distracting, or angry.
    Not stopping there, the trauma that occurs in children is also related to the difficulty of the child to study at school and do homework. The condition also makes the child often complain of physical problems, unfounded fears, feeling depressed, emotional numbness, or feeling guilty for what happened.
  • Trauma in children aged 12–17 years
    In children of this age range, trauma can have the effect of being a nightmare, abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Children who are traumatized and at this age will also be people who are annoying, disrespectful, and prone to damage.
    On the other hand, they could have felt isolated, guilty or depressed, losing interest in hobbies and interests. The worst thing is the thought of suicide.