Sumba Volunter

Sumba Volunter is a community that was established since October 14, 2017 on a night chat on the terrace of Tk Charis Sumba between Ardi’s brothers, Gogon, Ebi and Nofi. That night they talked without knowing Sumba Volunteer in the future quite actively played a role in voluntary activities in the field of education, health and even natural disasters and other social programs. Until now, Sumba Volunteer has been a pioneer in East Sumba Regency for communities that concentrate on these areas. The community has also been an intermediary for donations between donors and the community, schools and reading parks. Sumba Volunteer actively teaches in the reading park, helps the business of school renovation and procurement of school facilities and reading parks, also participates in health services in collaboration with the community and other foundations both local Sumba and outside sumba island. Not only focusing on the activities mentioned earlier, at the request of outside parties who want to be involved in sumba volunteering activities and also want to see sumba’s exotic nature and culture, sumba volunteers hold VOLUNTRIP activities open to anyone who wants to do activities together, teach together and even play with Sumba volunteers and younger siblings on Sumba Island.

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