Rumah Kambera

Disaster Response

Temporary Housing

Acting Head of NTT Regional Disaster Management Agency Isyak Nuka said that data collected from all affected areas, recorded as many as 52,793 damaged houses.

From the data, East Sumba 2,174 houses were recorded damaged. Look at the news.

Until May 17, 2021, it is not yet known the realization of government assistance for houses with heavy, medium and light scale when it will be distributed to affected residents.

To that end, some foundations and cross-organizations take the initiative to help develop temporary housing, but ensure that the assistance is only temporary and does not interfere with the process of government assistance of a larger and permanent nature and scale.


The design of this idea is fairly simple, with the size of the room is not too large, but can be expected to be quite a temporary residence, and when the main residence is completed, it can be converted into a kitchen, warehouse or even a stall.

With the help of temporary housing, it is expected that residents whose homes are damaged get a more decent place to live while waiting for help from the government.

Coordination of temporary housing in Kambera House Post is handled by dr. Aldo Anapaku